Apple Hired OLED TV Expert from LG

Apple has hired an OLED TV expert from LG, according to a report from the OLED Association. The news is fueling fresh speculation about Apple's intentions to enter the TV market.

Apple has hired Jueng-jil Lee, formerly a Research Fellow with LG Display, part of the LG Electronics empire. The OLED Association described him as a senior person within LG Display's research efforts to create a printed AMOLED TV.

"[Mr. Lee] is no doubt more knowledgeable about OLEDs that any of Apple’s current staff, which is known to be quite strong," the group wrote.

In addition to his work with LG Display, Jueng-jil Lee also worked at Cambridge Display Technology (now known as Sumitomo). That company developed polymer-based OLED (organic light-emitting diode) materials for other companies to then use in their products. In other words, Mr. Lee is an OLED expert.

What would Apple need with an OLED expert? The company doesn't currently use OLED or AMOLED technology in its iOS devices or Macs with displays, but it could be interested in exploring adopting the technology for future products.

Of course, Apple has long been rumored to be pursuing some form of heavier involvement in the TV industry. The company might be thinking of a beefed up Apple TV, but many rumors from Apple's supply chain say that Apple is developing an actual TV set. If so, Apple may have hired Dr. Lee to help it work on that product.

Time will tell.

[Via CNet]