Apple Hires FDA Expert Divya Nag for Health and Fitness Team

Apple hires FDA approval expert Divya NagApple's list of health and fitness experts just got longer now that the company has hired FDA approval expert Divya Nag. Her expertise with the FDA's medical approval process makes her a good fit for the iPhone and iPad maker's health and fitness plans for the rumored iWatch and other wearable products that may be in development.

Ms. Nag is no stranger to the health market. She is the founder of Stem Cell Theranostics, a company that works with technologies for testing new drugs, and received the Forbes 30 Under 30 award for her accomplishments in the science and medical fields, according to 9to5 Mac.

Bringing Ms. Nag on board hints that Apple's efforts in the health and fitness market will go beyond just tracking our steps and is working on monitoring technology that requires FDA approval. Considering her experience helping medical startups through another of her companies, she can also help build Apple's long term strategy in the market.

Apple isn't talking about its plans for the wearable tech market, but has left several clues for us to piece together. It has been buying companies which technologies that could prove useful in the wearable fitness tech market, and has been on a multi-year hiring spree bringing on medical sensor, sleep, and fitness tech experts, too.

Ms. Nag dovetails nicely into Apple's expected plans, and shows the company is planning a serious push into a market that's dominated by companies like Fitbit. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he's very interested in wearable technology, and promised the company would enter
into a new market this year. That market is almost assuredly wearable fitness tech, and it looks like Apple wants to play to win.