Apple Hiring 7 “Maps Ground Truth Managers” Around the World

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Apple is currently advertising for seven "Maps Ground Truth Manager" positions around the world. The company wants a "manager for the team responsible for regional map quality and ground truth" for Apple Maps, the company's mobile mapping service for iOS.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Apple is advertising for this position in the U.S., Western Europe, Japan, APAC (Asia-Pacific), Eastern Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East and Africa. In other words, the company is hiring an Apple Maps quality manager for every major market on the planet.

The move comes some six months after Apple introduced Apple Maps in iOS 6 in September 2012. The service launched to great criticism due to data errors and problems with some directions. The company has been quietly improving Apple Maps since, and the new position represents an additional resource commitment to the issue.

The Maps Ground Truth Manager will be managing a "team of remote employees," and the company listed the following bullet points for the what the job entails:

  • Testing new releases of map code and data around the U.S.
  • Collecting ground truth data to allow for analysis of the impact of potential map code or data changes relative to known truth
  • Utilizing local expertise to provide feedback about U.S.-specific mapping details
  • Evaluating competing products in-region relative to our maps

The positions are currently being advertised on Apple's Jobs site.

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The Verge noted that other mapping companies have similar positions. The negative spin would be that Apple is playing catch-up and if it had these positions all along maybe Apple Maps wouldn't haven't had so many problems at launch.

The positive spin is that Apple is clearly committed to increasing the quality of its Maps service and meeting the same standards its competitors have. Everything Apple does to improve Maps is good for us the end users.

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Are these folks also going to get the Maps icon right with the proper road layer order.

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