Apple Hosting Special Media Event Sept 12

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Apple confirmed rumors on Tuesday that it will, in fact, host a special media event on Wednesday, September 12. The invitation doesn't say what Apple will announce, but it's a safe bet we'll finally get a first look at the next generation iPhone.
Apple hosting September 12 media eventThe media event will start at 10AM pacific time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, according to the invitation The Mac Observer received. Be sure to check in with us next Wednesday for our event coverage.

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Rumors of the September 12 event to introduce a new iPhone first appeared at the end of July, and also claimed we'd see a smaller form factor iPad at the same time. The Loop's Jim Dalrymple backed up the September 12 rumor with a long-winded "yup," although it didn't take long for rumors of a second media event for the smaller iPad to surface.
It seems like a no-brainer that we'll see the new iPhone next week, and it also makes sense for the rumored "iPad mini" to get its own media event a couple weeks later. We aren't expecting to see the new iPhone ship until a couple weeks after the event, which still gives Apple plenty of time to sell boatloads during the holiday buying season -- and it's fairly likely that's exactly what Apple will do.

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Or iPad Mini.  Or something we haven’t even thought of.

Jeff Gamet

Apple is always great at surprises, and even though it hasn’t appeared that way recently, they’re also great at keeping secrets.



The “12” is casting a shadow in the shape of a “5”, so my money’s on the iPhone 5.


That 12 with a 5 shadow is Apple’s announcement graphic?  Hmm, most people I’ve talked to said it would be silly to call the 6th iPhone the “iPhone 5” and keep insisting it will be called the “new iPhone”.  So will Apple call it “iPhone 5” then?


“The “12” is casting a shadow in the shape of a “5”, so my money’s on the iPhone 5.”

Good point.

Lee Dronick

I will be waiting with “baited” breath smile


I will be upgrading; but I will wait for the rush to end. May wait t’ill December because we are moving. Hope the rumors are true that the width is the same.


I would bet that they want to have it out before the end of the quarter, so they can reap some benefits for the next report.

Lee Dronick

My wife and I bought new iPhones last year and of course are still under contact so we probably will not be upgrading. If there is some incredible features that we need, or even want, then maybe.

Mark andy

I’m so excited for hearing what new era waiting for us via iphone. !!!!
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