Apple Hypes iPad with New "Change Everything" Campaign

Apple's latest iPad marketing campaign, "Change Everything," is live and highlights how it can play a role in your personal and business life. The campaign shows iPads enhancing family life, education, and business, and also highlights apps to help you do more with your tablet.

Apple's latest iPad marketing campaign: Change EverythingApple's latest iPad marketing campaign: Change Everything

The "Change Everything" website includes categories for cooking, learning, small business, travel, and redecorating, all with example apps. Like previous marketing campaigns, this one aims to show the iPad is far more than a content consumption device.

This latest campaign comes on the heels of Apple's second fiscal quarter earnings report where declining iPad sales figures were announced. Quarterly sales dropped year-over-year from 16.7 million units down to 12.6 million, although company CEO Tim Cook said he expected those numbers to come back up again.

Apple has a partnership with IBM to help push iPads and iPhones in the enterprise market, and also just announced plans to work with Japan's postal service to use iPads as tools to help monitor the welfare of the elderly.

Mr. Cook said some iPad sales are being lost to Mac and iPhone purchases, adding "It is what it is."

Apple's previous "Your Verse" and "Start Something New" campaigns pushed the iPad as a content creation device and had an inspirational flair targeted at getting people to find new ways to use iPads every day. "Change Everything" follows the same approach, although only time will tell if it inspires consumers to buy more iPads.