Apple I Computer Sells for $387,000 in Christie's Auction

An Apple I computer built in Steve Jobs's parent's garage sold for some US$387,000 (£260,000) at auction on Tuesday. The buyer was anonymous, and the auction was held online. The price exceeded the low-end estimate of $300,000 Christie's had placed on the auction ahead of time, but fell short of the $500,000 estimated at the high end.

The device, which was built and sold in 1976, is one of 50 Apple I models believed to still work, and it came with an autographed photograph of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

Apple I Auction

The Apple I, Mounted on a Wooden Board
Source: Christie's

Several Apple I computers have come up for sale in recent years, boosted by Apple's incredible success during the last decade. Prices for the devices skyrocketed after the passing of Steve Jobs in 2011. Auction House Breker sold one in 2012 for more than $600,000.

All told, there are reportedly 200 Apple Is still in existence, with the 50 mentioned above believed to still be working. In June, Steve Wozniak presided over an event at History San Jose that involved firing up three working Apple I models—this model was not one of those.