Apple Improves Facebook Performance in Safari 6.0.3

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SafariApple updated Safari to version 6.0.3 on Thursday. In addition to some bug fixes, the update includes improved performance for scrolling on Facebook.

Apple's patch notes in full:

  • Improves scrolling on
  • Improves scrolling while zoomed in on a webpage
  • Improves performance on webpages with plug-in content
  • A fix for an issue that could cause the inaccurate appearance of an alert that bookmarks can't be changed
  • A fix for an issue that could cause duplicate bookmarks to appear on an iOS device after editing bookmarks with Safari in OS X
  • A fix for an issue that permitted users to access unfiltered search results when searching from when Parental Controls are enabled
  • A fix for an issue that could prevent Safari from restoring the last position on a webpage a user navigated back to

The update was included in as part of the OS X 10.8.3 update which was also released on Thursday. You can download it through OS X 10.8.3 through the Mac App Store.

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Paul Goodwin

Since the downgrade (IMO) of iTunes 11 over version 10, I am no longer updating anything from Apple for a period of at least 3 months to see what happens. Years ago, I used to wait for the patches to appear, and after a couple, and things began to settle out, I’d upgrade. Well I got brave since 10.7 and started doing updates right away. I learned the lesson again….never be the guinea pig. I’ve never been hurt by waiting. I’ve been drilled a couple of times lately by jumping in early.


Mr. Goodwin - So what you’re saying is, you’d rather NOT be part of the solution? You’d rather wait and let others find the bugs and gotcha’s?

You must use your Macs for business?

OK, I do too, and my main business machine does not get updated right away… but my home laptop? As soon as it hits the servers baby! I just gotta know NOW!

Oh, and I back up… a lot.

You’re welcome smile (Although I’ve never discovered a bug, I keep trying!)

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