Apple iPhone, Android Phones Top 2013 Consumer Wish List Survey

Nearly 24 percent of U.S. consumers say they are likely to purchase an iPhone in the next year, according to a survey released Monday by research firm Strategy Analytics, and reported by The Next Web. Apple’s iPad also fared well on the annual “Consumer Technology Wish List,” with over 15 percent declaring their intention to procure one in the next 12 months.

The survey asked 2,285 U.S. consumers about their desire to purchase 23 different consumer electronics items in the next year. While Apple’s iPhone was the “most desired” product, Android smartphones also performed well, coming in second place with 21.6 percent.

“Americans show no signs of falling out of love with the iPhone,” said Jia Wu, Director of Strategy Analytics’s Connected Home Devices division. “But interest in Android smartphones as well as other personal computing devices remains strong, highlighting the leading role of these smart technologies in today’s technology lifestyles.”

The industry may have entered a “post-PC” era, but traditional PCs are still ranked high on consumer wish lists, with 17.4 percent of respondents expressing a desire to purchase a PC laptop and 12.1 percent seeking a PC desktop this year, although those numbers are lower than last year. Conversely, Apple’s MacBook line scored relatively low, with only 6.4 percent interested in the Apple notebooks. Other devices such as Blu-ray players, new televisions, eReaders, and game consoles made up the rest of the list.

Overall, the survey found a noticeable increase in consumer interest in mobile phones and televisions this year, with a corresponding decrease in interest for traditional Mac and PC computers, as compared to previous surveys.

While a new iPhone is not expected until later this year, consumers’ desire for new televisions may be met by this year’s CES, currently underway in Las Vegas, NV. Nearly every major television manufacturer has planned significant product announcements for this year’s show, making that industry, and Apple’s possible entry into it, more interesting.

Teaser graphic via Shutterstock.