Apple Launches 'Films Funded on Kickstarter' Page on iTunes

Apple has launched a page on iTunes dedicated to films that were funded through Kickstarter campaigns. A subsection of the "Independent" category, "Films Funded on Kickstarter" debuted featuring Veronica Mars.

Films Funded on Kickstarter

While Kickstarter is best known in the tech community as a place to get funding for new apps, devices, services, doodads, and gewgaws, it is also becoming a viable funding vehicle for independent films.

In the case of Veronica Mars, a much-loved, fan darling TV show with ratings that couldn't sustain it past three seasons, producers raised more than US$5.7 million to resurrect the show in movie form. That's a record for Kickstarter, as were the 90,000 contributors who made it possible.

Which could be why Apple chose to feature the film for launch of the subsection. Or, it could be that Warner Brothers decided to release the film in a limited run in theaters and on video-on-demand and iTunes all on the same day, a rarity for a major studio. Or, it could be that the folks running iTunes are all Marshmallows.