Apple Launches More Detailed iCloud & Services Status Page

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Apple has launched a new status page for iCloud, its online stores, and other online services. The resulting System Status page breaks up those categories into the individual services and apps that comprise Apple's growing services empire.

At the time of the screenshot below, all of Apple's services were online and functioning normally. If one had not been, the green square would be replaced by the "Issue" triangle.

System Status Page

System Status Indicators
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Below the status indicators is a rolling 24 hour timeline of status history. In this case, there were two different outages represented by two timelines, Mail and "Multiple iCloud Services." Note that the Mail outage affected 2.15 percent of users, while "some users" were affected by the "Multiple iCloud Services" outage.

Status Timeline

Status Timeline
(Click the image for a larger version)

[Via TheNextWeb]

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Didn’t Apple have a similar page for .mac back in the day ?

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