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We love this kind of thing, and judging by the interest in past mentions, so do you: There's another deck of Apple Macintosh playing cards for sale on Ebay. These cards were promotional items in the 1990s the Mac, and they feature iconic (literally) imagery from System 7 (chime in if you know better).

The Jack of Mac

The Jack of Mac

These cards were sold in Apple's campus retail store next to 1 Infinite Loop. The four suits are represented by the Mac profile face, the Mac OS Bomb, the Alarm Clock, and the Trash Can. You know, because trash cans make for a great card suit.

Be that as it may, the joker features a stylized Mac, and the six colored Apple logo is on the center of the back of each card.

The Deck

The Deck

The seller said that these cards have been opened (hence the scans), but have never been used to play a card game.

The auction is starting at US$0.99 without a reserve, but the seller did put a Buy It Now price of $1,000 if you just have to have them, and right now. We'll be surprised if they go for more than a few hundred dollars, but you never know.

When we've featured other decks in the past, they've gone for as much as £539 ($875 at the time).

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I do believe the Trash Can icon is from Mac OS 8. smile

Bryan Chaffin

They’re all quite stylized. I do believe this is a System 7 deck, but with stylized 3D artwork.

It could be Mac OS 8, but that would mean Steve signed off on these things, and I don’t think he would.


Bryan, even if they were for Mac OS 8, they could belong more to Gil Amelio than Steve Jobs, who didn’t become de facto CEO until Amelio was removed in July 1997 - the same month that Mac OS 8.0 shipped.


p.s. Although Jobs returned to Apple in 1996-97 and “Think Different” debuted in 1997, I would say that the event that most dramatically demarcates the beginning of Jobs’ second coming has to be the introduction of the iMac in 1998.

Bryan Chaffin

Aye, ‘tis true, Archimedes. I do still think these are from an earlier era, but Aftermac could totally have it right.


I have 2, yes 2, UNOPENED still in the wrapper packs of these cards. I went looking on the web today for prices as I am thinking of selling (this article came up).. this seems like good news to me as his opened pack is already at over $150.

Anthony Arce

I like it those cards are like something I have never seen before very unique!


I have a pack that I just put up, too:


unopened pack just got posted - never seen that before

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