Apple Makes Learning to Code Accessible to all with Swift Playgrounds

Apple unveiled Swift Playgrounds on Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday to help fulfill CEO Tim Cook's philosophy that coding should be taught to everyone in school. The platform will be free and available this fall.

Learn to code with Swift Playgrounds on the iPadLearn to code with Swift Playgrounds on the iPad

Swift Playgrounds is an iPad app with a new coding keyboard, and support for the built in sensors. The app is geared towards kids, but it'll be available to everyone, which means learning to code will be more accessible to everyone.

Mr. Cook sees this as an important enough to give away Swift Playgrounds to anyone who wants it. We believe coding should be a required language in all schools," Mr. Cook said. "To help make this possible, we're making Swift Playgrounds free."

Swift Playgrounds will be available this fall with iOS 10 ships. Developers can start working with it today, and a public preview will be available in July.