Apple Maps Expands to Find My iPhone in iCloud Beta

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Brave souls using the iCloud beta site are seeing a new map in the Find my iPhone application, one from Apple instead of one from Google, as noted by AppleInsider. The change represents yet another step in Apple's long divorce with Google Maps.

Apple's initial Maps rollout was limited to the Maps app in iOS, with Google's version still powering Find my iPhone and the retail store locator. Presumably a couple of years of internal improvements and user-submitted feedback have made Apple Maps useful enough to power Find my iPhone as well.

In some basic testing, AppleInsider found that Google Maps was using about 4 megabytes for a request, where Apple Maps used just 400 kilobytes. For those using Maps while on their limited data plans, this is good news.

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This is an update that has been a long time coming, so I'm glad to see a bit more Apple and a bit less Google in their software. I might still be in the minority, but I like Apple Maps and find it reliable, so I am glad to see Apple using it more as well. Now, if Apple would only roll out the service to the rest of the Internet through a browser.

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