Apple to Intro Mini iPad on Oct 23

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iPad mini on October 23? Looks like it.Apple is apparently planning on unveiling the rumored mini iPad model at a media event on October 23. Rumors had also pegged October 10 as the day Apple would send out invitations to the media, although the day came and went without any news from Apple.

Word of the still unconfirmed event comes courtesy of unnamed sources speaking with AllThingsD, which does add some credibility to the report. Assuming the 23rd is Apple's media event date, we'll likely see corroborating stories show up through other news sources soon, and The Loop's Jim Dalrymple has already backed up the AllThingsD report with his usual "yep."

AllThingsD said the unveiling will likely happen at Apple's own Town Hall Auditorium instead of the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco where events such as the iPhone 5 introduction happened.

The new iPad is rumored to include a 7.85-inch multitouch display, to be thinner than the Retina Display iPad, and to include the same Lightning connector found on the iPhone 5 and fifth generation iPod touch.

The October 23 date would put the mini iPad unveiling a couple days before Apple's fourth quarter earnings report and Microsoft's ship date for its Surface tablet. The timing fits Apple's style, and with both AllThingsD and The Loop chiming in it's time to pencil in the date on our calendars.

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Fingers crossed.

Lee Dronick

Reportedly there are labor troubles at the Foxconn plant. Apple may want to get those settled so that it doesn’t delay the shipment of any new product.


Lee ~ I don’t see how Apple could get involved (as a customer), without coming off as dictatorial Ugly American.  They set new tolerance standards (at a micron level, I gather) for the iPods, the workers say that can’t work to those tolerances without more man-hours, so it’s really up to Foxconn to sort out.

We’re not even sure where the iPad Mini is being built, are we?


Apparently, Apple is also adding/moving some manufacturing to plants run by a Foxconn affiliate. That may be their workaround for dealing with the issues as Foxconn.

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