Apple May Offer iPad Air In-store Personal Pickup Friday

Apple's new iPad Air will go on sale this Friday, November 1, and the company isn't offering pre-order sales. Instead, shoppers will have to line up Friday morning to get theirs, but one report claims we'll also be able to order online and pick up in the store later in the day without any waiting.

Apple may offer Personal Pickup service for the iPad Air on FridayApple may offer Personal Pickup service for the iPad Air on Friday

Personal Pickup is a service Apple offers for some products where shoppers can make an online reservation and then drop by later in the day to pay for their order. It cuts out the stress that goes along with waiting in line and wondering if any iPads will be in stock when you finally get inside the store, and makes it easier to ensure you get just the model you want.

Waiting in lines may not, however, be an issue with the iPad Air launch. According to Mac Rumors, not only will Apple offer Personal Pickup for the new iPad model, but the company's stores will have plenty in stock.

Apple introduced the iPad Air during a special media event last week. The new model keeps the familiar 9.7-inch Retina Display, but adopts an iPad mini-like body. It's thinner and narrower than the third and fourth generation iPad, weighs a half pound less, sports a 64-bit A7 processor, improved camera, better WiFi performance, built-in stereo speakers, and more.

Apple will begin selling the iPad Air online at 12:01AM pacific time on Friday, November 1, and in its own retail stores at 8AM local time. The company hasn't confirmed yet whether or not Personal Pickup will be available for the iPad Air, but there are still a couple days for the company to confirm or shoot down the rumor.