Apple May Wait Until 2014 for Retina Display iPad mini

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New iPad minis with Retina Display this year? Not too likely.With rumors of an October Apple even to introduce new iPad models circulating, one report claims we may not see a Retina Display version of the iPad mini until next year. The reasoning for skipping a 2013 release is that display supplies may not be available in high enough quantities to meet Apple's needs.

Supply chain sources speaking with Reuters said they are only just now starting to ramp up for iPad mini Retina Display production, which means there any way Apple could get the parts in time for a fall product launch. Instead, Apple would have to wait until some time next year before releasing a mini with a higher resolution display -- or release the model this year in painfully inadequate quantities.

Sources aren't talking about exactly why iPad mini Retina Display production hasn't already gone into full swing, but there are reports claiming Apple's strict requirements for a low power usage design have caused delays. Of course, it's also possible that Apple simply isn't ready to add a Retina Display to its 7.9-inch tablet device.

Assuming the reports are correct and Apple hasn't ordered boatloads of iPad mini Retina Displays, it's a safe bet we won't be seeing a higher resolution upgrade in the coming weeks. If Apple does update the iPad mini, it will instead most likely focus on faster processors and higher resolution cameras.

For now, we only have rumor and speculation to go on, so it isn't fair to say that the Retina iPad mini is delayed. Until Apple announces a ship date -- and then misses it -- the iPad mini isn't delayed.

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Unless Apple can get iPad mini-sized Retina Displays in sufficient quantities, which doesn't seem likely based on today's report, it really may be 2014 before the company releases the next version. The full-size iPad, however, is ripe for an update and that most likely will come this month.

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