Apple Music Adds Beats 1 Schedule in iTunes 12.2.2

Apple released iTunes 12.2.2 on Thursday. Like iOS 8.4.1, this update focuses almost exclusively on Apple Music, and the top new feature is the ability to view a schedule in Beats 1 radio, as shown in the screenshot below.

iTunes 12.2.2 Screenshot

iTunes 12.2.2 Beats 1, with Upcoming Shows

Other improvements include the ability to see a list of the artists you are following, some interface issues, and the ability for artists to post to Connect directly from within iTunes.

Apple's patch notes:

This update includes the following improvements:

  • Click on the Beats 1 banner to see what's currently on, or view a complete broadcast schedule so you never miss a show
  • You can now view a list of artists you're following on Apple Music
  • Resolved an issue where iTunes loses its place when you go back to a previous page in Apple Music
  • Addressed a problem where artists may be sorted incorrectly in My Music
  • Fixed a problem where playlists displayed in the action menu may not match the playlists in your library
  • Artists can now share thoughts, photos, music, and videos to Connect, right from iTunes

This update also includes improvements to overall stability and performance

You can download the update through the Mac App Store.