Apple Music Help gets Social on Twitter

If you're having trouble with Apple Music, or have Apple Music-related questions you need answered, you can turn to Twitter. Apple is going social with support for its streaming music service on Twitter.

Looking for Apple Music help? Head over to TwitterLooking for Apple Music help? Head over to Twitter

The @AppleMusicHelp Twitter account launched on Wednesday saying, "Tweet your questions to @AppleMusicHelp. We're ready to assist Mon-Sun from 6am-8pm PDT."

If you're looking for help with other Apple services or products, you'll have to head over to the company's website. Apple is reserving @AppleMusicHelp just for Apple Music.

Apple has been slowly embracing social media and company executives have been using platforms such as Twitter to answer questions and make announcements. Taking Apple Music support to Twitter seems like a natural fit considering the company's streaming demographic is probably already comfortable using social sites.

There were only a couple questions posted as of Wednesday morning, but the day is young and not many people know about the account yet.