Apple Music Turns to Tumblr for Beats 1 Show Schedule

If you want to stay on top of Beats 1 programming for Apple Music, you can point your Web browser to Tumblr because that's where Apple has their Internet radio station schedule listed. And showing Apple's new found love of social networks, you can find Apple Music on Twitter and Instagram, too.

Beats 1 Internet radio schedule gets its own Tumblr pageBeats 1 Internet radio schedule gets its own Tumblr page

You can check out the Apple Music Tumblr page for the latest on what's coming up over the next few days, find special events ahead of time, find interviews and special recordings, and more. Apple Music's Twitter page offers updates on what's happening and links to related content, and the Instagram page shares photos and video clips.

Apple Music launched Tuesday morning with a streaming music service, Beats 1 Internet radio, and Connect, which lets artists share behind the scenes content with fans. The service costs US$9.99 a month and includes a free three month trial period.