Apple Named World's Most Valuable Brand, Again

Interbrand has ranked Apple as the world's most valuable brand for the second year in a row with a valuation at US$118.863 billion. Apple's value increased by 21 percent compared to last year's Best Global Brands report at $98.3 billion, and has the iPhone and iPad maker ranked above Google, Coca-Cola, IBM, and Microsoft.

Interbrand ranks Apple as the world's top brand againInterbrand ranks Apple as the world's top brand again

Apple's recent iPhone 6 launch puts the company in a strong position in the smartphone market against Samsung's Galaxy Note, and the 6-series larger screen will be a draw in markets around the world. Interbrand said,

Not only is Apple using devices to broaden its penetration, it's also credibly extending into new spaces. With the unveiling of Apple Watch – reportedly more capable then any other smartwatch on the market, not least of all in terms of advanced health monitoring – Apple's future will rely heavily on its ability to partner effectively with healthcare companies. CarPlay, giving drivers access to their iPhone's best features in the car, has brought the brand into the automotive space. HomeKit, providing seamless integration between accessories, promises to make our homes smarter. Apple Pay certainly has the potential to become the most popular payment platform around. And the brand's recent collaboration with IBM – to make big data and analytics more mobile and bring business apps to the iPhone and iPad – will strengthen its presence and reach in the enterprise space.

Apple unseated Coca-Cola as the top brand in 2013, marking the first time the drink maker hadn't been ranked number one since the study started in 2000.

Interbrand ranks global companies based on financial performance, company earnings, and how well the brand works to set premium prices.

Apple was followed by Google valued at $107.439 billion, Coca-Cola at $81.563 billion, IBM at $72.244 billion, and Microsoft at $61.154 billion. Samsung didn't make it into the top five, but did come at at number 7 with a value of $45.462 billion.

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