Apple Pay goes to Disney World for Christmas

Merry Christmas, Apple Pay, you're going to Disney World. The world-destination theme park plans to start accepting Apple's mobile payment platform on December 24, just in time for the holiday.

Disney World to launch Apple Pay support on December 24Disney World to launch Apple Pay support on December 24

Apple Pay is a system that lets iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners use their smartphone to make credit card payments without having to actually use their card. It's more secure than swiping a card through a reader because the actual card number is never used during the transaction, and it requires a Touch ID fingerprint scan to authorize purchases.

The resort will accept Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and RFID-based credit cards at most of its ticket sales booths, stores, bars, and quick service restaurants, according to WDWMagic. Table service restaurants and portable payment terminals will get smartphone payment support later.

While Disney World will start accepting Apple Pay this week, Disneyland will miss out on the wireless payment fun for now. The company plans to add Apple Pay support at its smaller resort some time in 2015.

Disney World visitors have already been able to get a taste of wireless payments through the resort's MyMagic+ system where a wristband let people charge purchases to their hotel room. Adding Apple Pay support moves beyond wristbands, and opens wireless payments to resort guests who aren't staying at onsite hotels.