Apple Pay Supporters Grow with More Retailers and Banks On Board

Apple Pay, the mobile payment system Apple introduced with iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, is quickly growing and is now compatible with cards that make up about 90 percent of credit card purchases in the United States. The list of companies and banks supporting Apple pay has continued to rise and includes Barclaycard, TD Bank North America, Albertsons, Staples, and more.

Apple Pay racks up more supportersApple Pay racks up more supporters

According to Apple, several dozen more companies have signed on to support Apple Pay, and ten new banks are on the roster, too.

Apple Pay is a system that lets iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users complete credit card transactions in stores through their smartphone. The platform uses NFC technology to handle transactions wirelessly and more securely that traditional credit card processing because card numbers aren't passed off during the payment process.

The New York Times said Amway Center where the Orlando Magic backetball team plays will start accepting Apple Pay for food and beverage purchases, too.

Apple Pay will likely get yet another boost next spring when Apple Watch finally ships. The smartwatch device from Apple will support Apple Pay, which means iPhone owners who haven't upgraded to the latest models will be able to get in on the mobile payment action, too.

Apple Pay's success is already spreading to Google's own Google Wallet mobile payment system. Google launched its Wallet service well ahead of Apple Pay, but wasn't able to gain any traction. Once Apple Pay was available, however, interest in mobile payment options on other platforms started to grow and now more people are starting to use Google Wallet on their Android-based smartphones.

Apple Pay officially launched on October 20 and currently is available only in the United States. The company hasn't said yet when it will expand into other countries.