Apple Posts Environmental Notes on New Mac Pro

Apple has posted an Environmental Report on its new Mac Pro detailing the greenhouse gas emissions during manufacture and use, its energy and material efficiency, packaging and harmful substances analysis.

The document opens with:

Apple believes that improving the environmental performance of our business starts with our products. The careful environmental management of our products throughout their life cycles includes controlling the quantity and types of materials used in their manufacture, improving their energy efficiency, and designing them for better recyclability.

One of the charts of interest is a breakdown of the materials in the new Mac Pro.

Image credit: Apple

Apple notes that this new Mac has 74 percent less aluminum and steel compared to the previous generation. As Anand Lal Shimpi recently said in his recent review, "When it finally came time to redesign the system ... why does a modern desktop need to be big?"

While the supplies remain constrained, Apple customers are hungry to find out all they can about this amazing new product, and the documents linked here will certainly help with additional nourishment.