Apple Posts iOS 7 'Tech Talk' Videos and Slides for Developers

Apple has posted the videos and slides from its iOS 7 "Tech Talk" presentations at the Apple Developer Connection. There are 16, all told, and they cover a variety topics from OpenGL ES 3.0, to marketing, to game development, to security, and user interface.

iOS 7 Tech Talk Videos

Apple's overall description:

Get in-depth guidance about developing for iOS 7, learn practical coding tips and tricks, and obtain valuable one-on-one programming and design assistance in our lab. Choose which day is best for you — app developer day or game developer day.

The 16 titles posted:

  • Advances in OpenGL ES 3.0
  • App Developer Day Kickoff
  • App Store Distribution and Marketing for Apps
  • App Store Distribution and Marketing for Games
  • Architecting Modern Apps, Part 1
  • Architecting Modern Apps, Part 2
  • Architecting Modern iOS Games
  • Developing 2D Games with Sprite Kit
  • Game Developer Day Kickoff
  • Hidden iOS 7 Development Gems
  • Integrating iOS 7 Game Technologies
  • Integrating iOS 7 System Technologies
  • Integrating iOS 7 Technologies
  • Security and Privacy in iOS 7
  • User Interface Design for iOS 7 Apps
  • User Interface Design for iOS 7 Games

The videos are free to watch for registered developers.

[Via MacRumors]