Apple Looks for iPhone 5C Sales Boost with New 8GB Model

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Apple is reportedly ready to add a lower cost 8GB version of the iPhone 5C to its product lineup, and the new model could hit store shelves early this week. Apple currently offers the iPhone 5C in 16GB and 32GB versions, and word on the street is that neither are selling as well as the iPhone 5S or the older entry-level iPhone 4S.

New 8GB iPhone 5C could come this week to help boost salesNew 8GB iPhone 5C could come this week to help boost sales

The iPhone 5C is Apple's mid-range smartphone model. It includes the same features and specs as the discontinued iPhone 5, but ships with a plastic back instead of glass.

Information about the lower priced iPhone 5C model was leaked by iPhone parter O2 Germany, according to Engadget. It's priced €60 below the 16GB iPhone 5C, which could help boost sales.

The iPhone 4S became Apple's free offering when the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C launched, and has apparently been outselling its mid-range cousin even though it's a two year old model. While a €60 price cut compared to the 16GB iPhone 5C will be attractive to price-conscious shoppers, it's still more than free. It may draw in buyers that have been on the fence about spending money on an iPhone, but it probably won't do much to sway consumers that expect their smartphones to be free.

It looks like the 8GB iPhone 5C will be launching in at least Germany. There isn't any word yet on where else it may pop up.

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If the iPhone 5C isn't selling well, then adding in a lower priced model could help draw in potential buyers who are worried about their overall smartphone startup costs. The crowd that only wants free phones, however, won't be looking beyond the older iPhone 4S.

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