Apple Pushes Apple TV with $25 Gift Cards

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Apple launched a new US$25 gift card promotion on Friday to help goose sales of the Apple TV. To get the card, shoppers need to buy a new Apple TV from Apple's online or retail stores, and the deal is good through March 5.

Buy an Apple TV, get $25Buy an Apple TV, get $25

The deal could be a hint that an updated model is coming soon. Rumors have been claiming Apple has a new version coming some time between April and September, and the set top box will include ties to content from cable companies including Time Warner.

The new model will also reportedly include a redesigned user interface that makes it easier to choose what to watch.

Assuming Apple is planning on rolling out an updated Apple TV model soon, a promotion to help clear out existing inventory makes sense because selling the current model when it's suddenly last year's gear isn't an easy task.

Since the $25 gift card promotion ends on March 5, there are only a few days to get in on the deal. If you're looking to get an Apple TV, and aren't concerned about whether or not a new model is coming soon, the $25 gift card is a nice little incentive.

[Thanks to 9to5 Mac for the heads up]

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Apple TV hasn't been updated in quite a while and now there's a $25 gift card incentive to buy. That could be a hint that a new model is coming soon.

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