Apple Pushes Health and Fitness in New iPhone 5S Ad

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Apple is serious about the move into health and fitness tracking, and its latest iPhone 5S commercial makes that very clear. The ad, called "Strength," showcases the iPhone 5S as an important part of user's fitness routines along with third party devices like step trackers and smart scales.

Apple focuses on health and fitness in new iPhone 5S adApple focuses on health and fitness in new iPhone 5S ad

The commercial focuses on products from other companies working with the iPhone, and the fact that the ad was released only a couple days after Apple showed off iOS 8 during its annual Worldwide Developer Conference was no doubt planned and not a coincidence. One of the new features Apple touted for iOS 8's fall release was HealthKit -- a framework that lets a single iPhone app act as the conduit to all of the health and fitness data our devices collect.

When iOS 8 ships, iPhone owners will be able to manage all the data from compatible third party devices, and very likely from Apple's rumored iWatch, as well. The iWatch hasn't been announced by Apple yet, but is reported to include a collection of sensors to monitor our daily activity levels and also share data with our iPhones.

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Health and fitness is clearly far more than an afterthought for Apple. Get ready for more apps, devices, and of course ads.

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Hmmm… the Ad seems not to exhilarate me. I spent a lot of time wondering…. Wha-t-ah-hay?


Not my favourite ad, but still pretty good.  Not too sure about the subtitles with the music.

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