Apple Q4 Earnings Sliced And Diced

Apple reported that Q3 2014 ended on June 28 and that Q4 2014 ended September 27, a 90 day quarter. That's 64,800 minutes, or 3,888,000 seconds. Here is some slicing and dicing of those figures.

Apple sold about 606 iPhones per minute, or just over 10 iPhones per second for the quarter. For all the concern about iPad numbers, selling 190 iPads per minute seems pretty impressive considering we're talking about every single minute of those 90 days and nights. Since the iMac update happened after the quarter ended, selling something on the order of 85 Macs per minute seems even more impressive given how many PCs other companies aren't selling. Even the all but abandoned iPod sold just over 40 units a minute in the quarter. Only Apple could kill one model of a product where the "latest" is two years old and still sell more than 2.6 million in three months.

In retail, we know not all the stores are open 24/7. If we average it out and say the retail stores are open 12 hours of every day, that comes out to $157,407 per minute across all the retail locations, or about $371 per minute per store (on an average of 424 stores for the quarter).

If you came up with any interesting stats from the earnings call, let me know what they are!