Apple Quietly Kills Cards for iPhone

While Apple was busy showing off new iPhones on Tuesday, the company also quietly discontinued its Cards service for iOS. The service let users order custom made greeting cards that would be mailed to the recipient. While Cards may be gone, you can still order custom cards through iPhoto.

Goodbye, CardsGoodbye, Cards

The Cards app still launches, although it isn't very functional any more. Selecting card styles in the app simply displays a dialog stating, "The Cards service is no longer available."

Since Mac iPhoto users can still order custom greeting cards, you aren't left high and dry. Just select the photo you want to use for your card, then click Create -- it's hiding at the bottom right of the iPhoto app window -- and customize your card.

According to Apple, cards ordered through the iOS app before 1PM pacific time on September 10, 2013, will be delivered. Previous purchases are still viewable in the app, too. Apple also noted that iPhoto cards are shipped via FedEx and other carriers, while the Cards app used the US Postal Service.