Apple Quietly Sells 500 Million iPhones

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Apple has sold 500 million iPhones as of Tuesday, reports Forbes. This is a milestone that has passed with no official acknowledgement from Apple as of this writing.

It certainly seems like the iPhone has been around forever, and has been a popular choice the entire time. However the truth is that it took awhile for the iPhone to pick up steam. It took until February 2011 to sell the 100 millionth iPhone (nearly four years). According to my math, Apple sold 6.5 iPhone a *second* last quarter. That's every single second, not taking business hours or any other factors into account.

When you consider that a majority of the phones sold in the last two years are still in circulation, that's millions and millions of iPhones currently in use before you get to the hand-me-downs and the people who just really love their 3G s or 4 and haven't let it go yet, upgrade or no.

Hopefully Apple will make mention of this in the Q2 2014 results call, which should happen sometime in April.

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It seems like the world got used to the iPhone really quickly, and it is now part of the technological scenery. However I was surprised to be reminded how long it took for sales to really pick up. Contrast the launch of the iPhone, met with skepticism in 2007, to the sales figures for 2011, when Apple sold more iOS devices in a year than all the Macs sold in the company's history (up to that point).

Perhaps this hasn't been mentioned officially because while Apple has complete control over every single download from iTunes, but tracking the exact sale of the half-billionth iPhone might prove more complicated. Unfortunately this makes it difficult to hand out things like prizes and phone calls from Steve Jobs that went with iTunes downloads

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Apple’s just one quarter away from complete death.  All it takes is for everybody to decide they would rather buy something cheap than a quality product, and there is every sign that that is about to happen.

Oh my head.  I was just channeling Rob Enderle..

Kelly Guimont

I hope you are ok now, DR! If not, try lying down with an Airport Express on your forehead for a little while. Those IQ points should be back in a day or two. (:


Apple has changed the way we use the phone, and the news said that they’re discussing with comecast to improve the way we stream TV. It’s a leading company, and it still has what to offer.

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