Apple Raises Min Price in Euro App Store Revamp

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Apple revamped Euro App Store pricing Friday morning, raising the minimum price of app in the process. The lowest price tier increased from  €0.79 to €0.89, now roughly US$1.15, and the company cited changes in currency exchange rates as the reason for the change.

iTunes in Europe

Apple raised prices in the European App Store

In the current scheme, Apple has established pricing tiers for apps with prices set by Apple itself. Developers simply choose one of those price tiers, and Apple reserves the right to change prices on that tier. Developers in this case get approximately 61% of the asking price with Apple taking the rest.

Computerworld reported that Alan Hely, Apple spokesperson, said in an email "From time to time Apple adjusts prices of products in countries due to changes in exchange rates." It appears the price adjustment is only for stores selling in the Euro currency.

In addition, a handful of local currencies were introduced to the App Store in their respective countries. These include Russian rubles, Turkish lira, Indian rupees, Indonesian rupiah, Israeli shekels, Saudi Arabian riyals, South African rand, United Arab Emirates dirhams, and Danish kroner.

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Sadly the only word I have for this is outrageous. We are developer in the EU; the low price tiers are up dramaticly. Not only 10%, but 20%! I.e. the former 2.99 Euro tier (4) is now 3.59 Euro, the next lower one is 2.69.

This leaves little room - especially for magazines witch are now much more expensive all of the sudden. There was no message informing developers and publishers. So wierd things happend: iOS Magazines being unintentionally much more expensive then their printed counterparts. What happnens to all thoese subscriptions? Nobody knows for certain.

This is how Apple pusches away coustomers and developers… I am really starteld about this sudden move.
As for myself - I am already using Chrome on my devices instead of Safari (sync works better); Spotify instead of iTunes - all those once really cool services are dropping in quality and falling behind. Maybe the iPhone 5 was my last iPhone?

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