Apple Ready to Woo Final Cut Pro Users Back

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Apple is ramping up for a big push to draw professional video editors back to Final Cut Pro editors during the National Association of Broadcasters convention in April. The company drew criticism after giving Final Cut Pro a major overhaul in 2011 for dropped features and compatibility professionals considered critical.

Apple wants to win back its Final Cut Pro usersApple wants to win back its Final Cut Pro users

The campaign will hopefully show video editors how features have been added back in since Final Cut Pro X first launched, and that the number of supported cameras has steadily increased, too. Apple plans to feature professionals such as Julian Liurette from Toronto's Globe and Mail touting what they do with the Mac-based video editing suite, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Apple chose to give Final Cut Pro a top-to-bottom refit so that it could set the foundation for the app's future, but in the process many long time users felt alienated because they weren't able to effectively use the new version once it was released. Considering the improvements Apple has made to Final Cut Pro X through software updates, it's a good move for the company to try to draw back users it lost in 2011.

With Avid drawing in former Final Cut Pro users, Apple needed to do something to promote its own video editing tools, and NAB is definitely the place to do that.

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It's good to see Apple actively working to rebuild the Final Cut Pro user base, but the company has a long road ahead of it thanks the the negative sentiment pro users felt when the hobbled FCPX first shipped.

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Jim Tincher

They are doing a similar thing with Aperture too though no new release date has been set! This type of behaviour is somewhat typical for Apple, they’ve been doing it for decaes. They develop a great product, hype it, let it rest on it’s laurels and pat themselves on the back till the competiion has passed by. Then they’ll begin to release minor updates and fixes all the while users slowly drift away to other offerings and platforms that do what they need them to do. When they finally do release something worthy there’s confusion why users don’t return in droves…..

Apple needs to study re-runs of Gilligan’s Island in order to figure this out. They’ll tell you market share has never been a priority. Just what is Apple’s priority?

yea baby…


Hope they have some Mac Pro announcements as well….

Paul Goodwin

They didn’t let it languish. They redesigned it and screwed it up and left a goodly portion of their customer base high and dry without backward compatibility. Plus they redesigned the UI and screwed that up, making it more like iMovie that they screwed up, so people couldn’t do work with it the way they’d learned to. And with a long steep learning curve application, that’s the last thing they should have done. Their customers had huge investments in time to make to come up to speed again. They’ve needed this app fixed for way too long.

Now, if we can just get Apple to recognize that they screwed up iTunes with ver. 11, and get that fixed, the company that was the driver for the digital hub might actually recover some lost face.

I’ve owned and loved Macs since 1988, and never had much to complain about through the years, but they’ve made some significant software blunders in the last few years, and need to go to their rooms and think about it.

Paul Goodwin

They will have to have some very powerful features that their competitors don’t have. I’m not sure the lost users are very wooable. They were downright irate when Final Cut Pro was changed. And if those customers have gone after a competitor’s product, it would have been a big investment. That was a major screwup.

Paul Goodwin

So yeah, I completely agree with the TMO spin on this one.


I find Avid kind of clunky; not at all intuitive.  Still, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, so I hope for Apple’s sake, that it’s not too late.

Patrick James

I have used Final Cut Pro X since its release and I will say that it is the biggest advance in the design of off-line editing software that I have encountered.

There was adverse reaction to it. The initial release lacked some very important abilities for video editors.

However the program is now has these.

Final Cut Pro X the easiest, most pleasurable video editing program to use.

I wish Apple well with spreading the word about it. Although they released it too early, I do think that Final Cut Pro X is a superb editor, way ahead of the competition.

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