Apple Registered Three Auto-Related Domains in December, One Perfect for the Apple Car

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Apple registered several auto-related domains last month, adding further fuel to longstanding rumors about the company's plans for an electric, potentially self-driving car. As noted by MacRumors, Apple registered,, and via registrar MarkMonitor Inc. in mid-December 2015.

While possibly related to Apple's existing CarPlay initiative, which saw several announcements from automakers and aftermarket electronics companies this week at CES, the registrations could also merely be part of Apple's standard practice of acquiring domains and trademarks to prevent third party companies from attempting to capitalize on Apple's brand.

Evidence of Apple's interest in entering the auto market continues to mount, however, making it unlikely that the domain acquisitions are solely related to the company's IP protection efforts.

Apple in recent months has hired many engineers away from the auto industry, including several from electric car pioneer Tesla, which prompted a public rebuttal from Tesla founder Elon Musk. The company has also had meetings related to autonomous vehicle regulations with the California DMV and sought Bay Area testing facilities for vehicle prototypes.

The rumored car, codenamed "Titan," is still in early development, with sources claiming that Apple is targeting a 2019 or 2020 launch window.

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Lee Dronick

The rumored car, codenamed “Titan,” is still in early development, with sources claiming that Apple is targeting a 2019 or 2020 launch window.

About the time I will be considering replacing my current vehicle.


Nope. No car will be made by Apple. I can’t believe the drones still believe it.  I own so many domain names that are locked up strictly so nobody else can use them. Note wasn’t taken. You know that big ass waste of money space ship building Apple is building? Unless that turns out cars at a profit then bye bye APPL. Autonomous is the future; Apple could play a huge part in a system say CarPlay on steroids that can either be licensed out to other makers; or this could be an urban über autonomous “kart” with a detachable drone for all we know. All I know is Apple hasn’t even started a factory so they will not be making any cars soon.  Check my record, I’m never wrong.

Lee Dronick

  Check my record, I’m never wrong.

Is there a list of them? How about putting them on a web page so that we follow up?


Yeah, I was kind of kidding Lee.  I have pointed out shortcomings that have tended to be corrected as well as some sales tics too. You DID bring up a good point about “good time to buy” . I sold before new years-just a bit - to see if I could steal a few shares in about a month or so. APPL has only the iPhone 7 to prop the next cycle so…..
I can’t WAIT to play this “car” thing whether it’s a car made by BMW or a City autonomous partner to the Amazon drones to compete with Ford’s fleet of Lyft cars, or a “system” for autonomous cars (doubtful) but all I know is the stock will bounce like a super ball if Apple does ANYTHING “new” vis a vis the “Internet of the Things” which they have been conspicuously absent from - but not for long imo. It’s a good time.

Lee Dronick

Remember Apple doesn’t have to design a car from the pavement up. They could contract a manufacturer, or form a partnership, to market something with an Apple badge. Wasn’t it Honda that sold a Ford SUV under their brand?

What is important to me, and I am sure most drivers, isn’t so much the the 0 to 60 as long as isn’t oxcart speed. I want high MPG and ammenities which is where CarPlay comes in, but also sensors for collision avoidance and that stuff; I think that backup cameras are the greatest thing since built in cup holders. Cameras to loop a recording fore and aft, port and starboard so when there is a collision there is evidence, send the recording to your iPhone.

Hey speaking of cars. Yesterday I saw a 1940 Cadillac, nice retro look.


<<Remember Apple doesn’t have to design a car from the pavement up.>>
Exactly. I would HOPE that whatever they are percolating on is STRICTLY autonomous albeit with the mandated roll-out of feature restrictions like having a steering wheel which will be silly in a couple decades on certain roads. Drones are MASSIVE now for easy investing payback and this idea of cars and bikes and people having a ‘lil buddy drone that tags along with you via simple machine code language I think is a no brainer for Big Money in next 2 years. Aston Martin (or some other exotic) already showed a car with it’s own drone - you know - so when your stuck in a jam the drone can get you a pizza - or plot a course OUT. If Apple did an autonomous system with associated drone, I would die it would be so cool and visionary <-something they lost.
I had to research a 1940 Caddy - if that’s not Art Deco I don’t know what is - except for the 1930’s Chrysler Airflows which pre-dated them and were more advanced. Gotta show my ‘Cuda Mopar pride after all.

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