Apple Relaxes Water Damage Policy for iPhone Trade-ins

Apple is making it easier for iPhone owners to trade in their old models even if there's an indication of water damage. The company changed its policy so that in-store staff can evaluate the overall condition of an iPhone instead of simply rejecting the devices if the moisture sensors have been set off.

Uh oh! iPhone water damage!

The change means in-store staff can consider the overall condition of an iPhone for trade-in regardless of whether or not the moisture sensor is indicating water damage. That's good news for iPhone owners in extremely humid environments where there's a higher chance of moisture sensors giving false positives, although anyone that drops their iPhone in the pool will still be out of luck because employees will be checking for water under the display as well as other signs of serious water damage.

Apple eases up on iPhone water damage policyApple eases up on iPhone water damage policy

The more relaxed policy applies only for in-store trade-ins, so you'll have to find an Apple Store near you before you can test the new policy.

[Thanks to 9to5Mac for the heads up]