Apple Releases Safari 6.0.2, a Security Update

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SafariApple released Safari 6.0.2 on Thursday. The patch notes say that the release includes security updates, but Apple has yet to release any specifics.

The patch notes:

Safari 6.0.2 is recommended for all users running OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.2 and includes security updates. For more information, please visit:

The Mac Observer will update this article once the security notes have been added to the link above.



Is anyone else getting an error when they try to update?

“An error has occurred
The operation could not be completed
(NSURLErrorDomain error -3001,)(102)

I tried to update last night a few times and then again today and am still getting the same thing. Need to know if it is me or them.

Nige F

Yes, I am having the same problem updating both my MBP and iMac. Can’t find any solution to it yet though.


Same thing here. I’ve got the same error. Has anybody been able to fix this?


Seems to be working now

Nige F

Yes, just checked and it runs fine now.

Thanks geoduck.


Initially, had problems d/l’ing last night & again today; then, switched connexion, & d/l was slow but AOK (included an iPhoto update, too). But, page rendering is now a *HOT MANGLED MESS*!

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