Apple Releases Security Update 2014-002 for Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion

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SecurityApple released Security Update 2014-002 on Tuesday, an update for OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks, as well as the server versions of those OSes. The sparse patch notes don't offer any details, and Apple has not yet released the separate list of security issues addressed in this release.

Apple's patch notes in full:

Security Update 2014-002 is recommended for all users and improved the security of OS X. This update also includes Safari 7.0.3.

The Mavericks update is a 79.9MB download through the Mac App Store. If you want to download standalone installers, use the following links:

Apple's articles for server updates for Mountain Lion and Mavericks haven't been yet as of this writing.

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Hmmm…. App Store provides a link “for information on the security content of this update”, but there is no info there yet. Does it always happen this way? Maybe I’ve never checked for info so soon after the update is released.

Bryan Chaffin

There’s always a lag between the update being posted and the security content article being posted. It’s usually a few hours.

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