Apple Releasing OS X Mavericks Today for Free

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While Apple was expected to announce the launch date for OS X Mavericks during its media event on Tuesday, the price was a surprise: free. Apple said Mavericks will be available for download today and no cost, and it will support computers as far back as the 2007 iMac and MacBook Pro.

OS X Mavericks ships for free todayOS X Mavericks ships for free today

OS X Mavericks includes several new features such as iBooks support, improved full screen app support, desktop spanning support for AirPlay through Apple TV, better overall performance and battery life, file and folder tagging, iCloud Keychain syncing, Maps, and more.

Previous versions of OS X were priced at US$19.99. Upgrading to Mavericks won't require users to pay for updates even if they're running a version of OS X prior to Mountain Lion. It will be available as a downloadable installer at Apple's Mac App Store.

Apple's media event is still underway at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Be sure to follow along with The Mac Observer's live coverage of the event for more announcements.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

I heard that Peter Oppenheimer was just sick of all the extra accounting work and decided to purchase a copy for every capable Mac out of his own pocket. #AccountingGimmick


If Apple has been writing cheques totalling $13B then it’s slice of the Mac/App Store profits must have been huge….

Which makes Mavericks being free not so surprising.

Tony Martin

Don’t forget Apple had to pay for operational costs of servers and people employed to keep it running and maintained.


@Tony Martin, I’ll grant that Apple has overheads, but they couldn’t be that much…..
Besides Apple makes all that lovely money selling us iMacs, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iPods, iPhones, iPads etc


How much does Windows cost? $119.99 to download Windows 8.1 from Microsoft’s website.

Also, OS X is now as free (price) as Linux. (Except that you have to hack it to work on non-Apple hardware.)


I agree that 30% of app sales is too large of a slice. Especially since they don’t seem to know what to do with all the cash they have.

I think they should have an opt-in / opt-out to the “marketing” Apple provides (which is pretty much nothing unless you happen to get featured) and pay 10-15% for just selling through their store.



I’ve got 10.8 running quite happily running on a Hackintosh.
I use it primarily to run EyeTV & 2 x Diversity Dual Tuners.

There was a learning curve I guess, but there’s a great community out there ready to assist & there’s some really great tutorials & tools to make the job easier.

Most Mac only folks would need more help constructing their Hackingtosh hardware grin


How much does Windows cost? $119.99 to download Windows 8.1 from Microsoft’s website.

It’s a free upgrade to 8 through the Windows 8 store: the upprice is for people with Vista or 7.

That said, that;s still more than Apple has charged for an OS since Leopard. I was also not expecting “free” or “today”. Smart move from Apple; the profit from the hardware more than makes up for software costs, and it reduces market fragmentation.

Neil Anderson

“30% of app sales is too large of a slice”

Amazon dings me 55% to sell my books on their store plus I have to pay shipping to get the books to them.


“Previous versions of OS X were priced at US$19.99.”

Only the previous two versions. Before that it was $29 and before *that* it was $129! What was the last free version of Mac OS? System 7?

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