Apple Reportedly Plans to Launch Wearables ‘Alongside’ iPhone

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The Apple Crystal BallSome hedge analysts might be saying that Apple is having to delay its foray into wearables (i.e. the "iWatch"), but Re/code's well-informed John Paczkowski said that Apple will unveil it "alongside" new iPhones at the September 9th media event he also broke.

In his Code/red column, Mr. Paczkowski said that Apple's plans had changed since an earlier source had placed the iWatch unveiling in October. Notably, he did not use the term "iWatch" in this particular report, referring to it instead as a "wearable."

When the September 9th media event first broke, it was quickly confirmed by The Wall Street Journal and other mainstream news outlets. Apple, however, has not publicly commented. We'll be keeping an eye out for similar confirmations on this newest development.

If Apple is announcing this device in less than a fortnight, it will be notable for the fact that we haven't seen even one leaked image of physical prototype, case, shell, screen, logic board, or other manifestations of the actual product. Various and sundry leaks about components have come from hither and yon, but no pictures or authoritative information have surfaced.

The last time this happened for a hardware product—and the first time in many, many years—was Apple's cylindrical Mac Pro. Which is being made in the U.S. by employees under Apple's direct control.

To that end, if the iWatch/wearable was being manufactured in Asia, we'd have seen it by now. Because we haven't, I suspect it is being manufactured and assembled in Apple's Arizona plant, the same plant where Apple is also producing metric crap tonnes of sapphire.

If it is unveiled in September, this will turn out to be true.

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If Apple is announcing this device in less than a fortnight…

Impressive word usage, from this side of the pond.

metric crap tonnes of sapphire

Are those officially recognised SI units? I must have missed the metric crap tonne in school - a poor reflection on my education, no doubt.

That said, there are some other locations where people know how to be tight-lipped about new product development, including on the Asian continent, but as one former US president dubbed them part of the ‘Axis of Evil’, they would be unlikely venues for new product development by an American company. Besides, it’s uncertain how the typical Apple customer might feel if their new iDevice came out underground factories in North Korea, was warm to the touch and glowed in the dark. Sales could be sluggish.

My mum just returned home today after visiting us during my short stay. I told her that the trending rumour is a 09 September announcement for the iPhone 6 and that it is more likely than not to sport a sapphire front. If true, I’ll have to bring her back down here once I return from Europe to upgrade her (and most of my family’s) iPhone 5’s (I’m the only one with a 5s), assuming that the release date happens before my return to Asia.

I won’t be upgrading my phone until the 6s, or its equivalent; however if the iThing wearable will come out at or near the same time as the phone (by no means certain, seeing as it’s not even been acknowledged to exist), I might be able to snag one prior to my long sojourn.

The announcement alone will be a pleasant enough surprise; as will the follow-on cacophony of critic complaint be entertainment unalloyed.

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