Apple Reportedly Plans WWDC Keynote for Monday, June 10th

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WWDCApple has reportedly scheduled its keynote event for its 2013 World Wide Developer Conference on Monday, June 10th. We say reportedly, because while AllThingsD reported the date, Apple hasn't officially announced it and media invites have yet to go out.

That said, WWDC itself was already scheduled to begin on June 10th, making that date for the keynote what we in the business call a no-brainer. Accordingly, expect a raft of media events to hit the blogosphere in moment.



Bryan, I can’t remember. With WWDC so crowded with attendees, is much media invited for Keynotes, etc? Or are they just key media folks?

Bryan Chaffin

It’s a mix, iBuck. There are usually a couple of hundred media folks there, maybe 300 (a very rough estimate). The hall holds 3,000-5,000 people.  Again, that’s just a guestimate.

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