Apple Retail Celebrates Computer Science Education Week

Apple Retail locations are offering workshops this Thursday as part of the "Hour of Code" initiative. This is part of Apple retail's celebration of Computer Science Education Week, which is December 8th through the 14th. Along with the Hour of Code workshop, there are a few featured events on the site at locations in Chicago, London, and a few other cities. You can find your closest Apple store on the page and see what events are happening locally to become acquainted with programming basics.

Should you want to participate, you'll need to pre-register, and it doesn't look like the site has that available just yet, perhaps tomorrow the signups will go live. In calling my local Apple stores, I was unable to reach anyone actually at the store itself, so I could not get a definitive answer as of press time. If I can find out something solid, expect updates here.

If you don't live near an Apple store or perhaps aren't a kid, you can always check out the original all-ages (and free) course at and spend an hour with the basics. If you have any Frozen fans at your house, perhaps they'll be interested in helping Anna and Elsa (and accidentally learning a bit about programming along the way).

If you want to start off slow, try Pixel Press to get excited about building playable levels of a game, and there's no code involved, just drawing. You can also find some fun resources such as Tynker or Scratch that can introduce kids to coding basics, if you're looking to start with younger kids. Or if you know an interested girl, you may want to find (or help build) the next session of App Camp For Girls in your area.