Apple Rolls Out First GarageBand 10 Update

Apple released GarageBand 10.0.1 for the Mac late on Wednesday with fixes for what the company called "a number of minor issues." GarageBand is Apple's audio mixing app for making music and other recordings.

GarageBand 10 gets bug fixes in first update, but no new featuresGarageBand 10 gets bug fixes in first update, but no new features

According to Apple's typical slim release notes, the version 10.0.1 update also improved overall app stability.

GarageBand 10 was released at the same time as OS X Mavericks in late October. The new version of the app added a virtual drummer to play along with your songs, a redesigned interface and more, although features podcasters rely on were unceremoniously taken out.

GarageBand 10 is free and available for download through Apple's Mac App Store app. The version 10.0.1 update is free as well.