Apple Rolls Out iAd Workbench for Mobile Ads

Apple has made in-app advertising more accessible to developers with the introduction of iAd Workbench. The service allows for ad campaign budgets starting at US$50, making it easier for developers to promote their apps directly to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners.

iAd Workbench lets small developers get in on the iAd gameiAd Workbench lets small developers get in on the iAd game

iAd Workbench lets developers build in-app banner ads quickly, fine tune what types of users will see their ads, and track campaign performance from their Web browser. It also lets developers pay on a per-click or per-acquisition, and track downloads so they can choose the most economical payment system for their needs and budget.

While iAd Workbench looks like it could be a great way to increase app visibility, it isn't for all developers because it's available only in the United States for now.