Apple Rolls Out iBooks 3 for iPhone, iPad

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As promised, Apple released iBooks 3 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch late on Tuesday. The update for the ebook reader app added support for viewing all of your iBooks purchases in iCloud, along with the ability to receive book updates such as new chapters and corrections.

iBooks 3 for the iPhone and iPadiBooks 3 for the iPhone and iPad

Version 3.0 also added the ability to scroll vertically through books instead of swiping to turn pages, users can now look up definitions for words in German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese, and users can share quotes and comments from books via Twitter, Facebook, email or Messages.

Apple showed off iBooks 3 during its special media event at the California Theater in San Jose, California, on Tuesday. The company also used the even to unveil the iPad mini, and update the iMac and Mac mini.

iBooks 3 is free and available for download at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.

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Lee Dronick

I see that they fixed the select and copy text that was broken in the last version. It that one you could only copy on word. Now you can copy and paste, but it also inserts a notice that the text may be subject to copyright. You can edit out that notice.

Tom Shannon

Still lacks the ability to annotate pdfs.  Still won’t sync pdfs with iCloud and, of course, there’s no Preview app for iPad.  Third party iCoud apps for this purpose are still pretty unstable so we’re (still) out of luck.

How disappointing.

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