Apple Says Samsung Galaxy S4 Violates 5 Patents

Apple followed through on a plan to add Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone to its patent infringement lawsuit this week by filing new documents in the case claiming the device infringes on five patents. The filing also stated that the Google Now search features included with the S4 infringe on two patents.

Apple moves to add Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone to patent infringement caseApple moves to add Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone to patent infringement case

Apple's filing stated, according to FOSS Patents,

Apple determined that the Galaxy S4 product practices many of the same claims already asserted by Apple, and that the Galaxy S4 practices those claims in the same way as the already-accused Samsung devices.

The patents the Galaxy S4 allegedly infringe on include 8,06,604 and 6,847,959 which describe a universal interface for retrieving data, 5,666,502 covering user interfaces that include historical lists with field classes, 5,946,647 describing a system where users can tap data elements to perform tasks such as dialing a phone number included in an email message, and 7,761,414 covering asynchronous data synchronization.

Apple originally targeted the Android Quick Search Box with '604 and '959 patents, but is looking to add in Google Now which was released well after the case was originally filed.

Apple and Samsung are both claiming the other is infringing on their mobile device patents and are set for spring 2014 trial in front of Judge Lucy Koh who oversaw a similar case that ended in Apple's favor last year. In that case, a Jury ruled Samsung infringed on a long list of the Apple patents and awarded the company over US$1 billion in damages. Judge Koh later thew out part of that damages ruling after determining the Jury miscalculated the amount and set a court date for this fall to redetermine what Apple is owed.

Judge Koh has imposed a 22 device limit on each company to help keep the trail from becoming overly complex. Since Apple already has reached its limit, one device will have to get cut from the case to make room for the Galaxy S4.

Google introduced its own version of the Galaxy S4 during its I/O conference earlier this month. Apple hasn't said whether or not it plans to add that model to the case as well.

Apple's plan to include Samsung's latest flagship phone in the patent infringement case still has to win approval from Judge Koh. It's likely she will approve Apple's motion, but until she does, the S4 isn't part of the case.