Apple Seeds OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 5 with iBooks for Mac

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iBooks for MacApple has seeded OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 5, a release most noted for the debut of iBooks for Mac. Apple announced Mavericks during June's World Wide Developer Conference, and has been releasing a series of beta developer previews to developers for testing.

iBooks for Mac is a long-awaited app, and its inclusion in Developer Preview 5 is a welcome sight. A tour published by 9to5Mac shows that the app drops much of the skeuomorphism of the iOS version of iBooks, presenting your library on a plain white background, rather than on book shelves.

Curiously, iBooks in the iOS developer seeds remains untouched as of iOS 7 beta 5, the only Apple app that has yet to be updated in the developer seeds of iOS 7. It's a reasonable bet that Apple will be following the design cues as shown in the Mavericks preview.

iBooks Preview

iBooks Preview from Apple

Also including in OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 5 is a new version iPhoto (version 9.4.6) and various and sundry performance improvements.

Mavericks is scheduled to be released this fall, as is iOS 7, which is going to make the fall a fun times for us geeks.

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I’m no longer interested in Mavericks. I want “Her,” and I want it now!


I hope things will be mo…re respon…sive in DP5. Not sure why I thought installing a first release DP, onto my work laptop, would be anything close to a good idea. Mind you, I LOVE the improved Mission Control and support for multiple monitors, but even in DP4, this puppy seems to have a serious case of spontaneous, short-term paralyses.

Bryan Chaffin

MOSiX, you crack me up. smile

Hopefully DP5 will be better for you.


So far, ‘snappier’ definitely seems to be the best word for DP5. Maybe even ‘snappierer’.

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