Apple Settles Intertrust Security Patent Lawsuit

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Apple settles patent infringement lawsuit with Intertrust TechnologiesApple has one less patent infringement lawsuit on its schedule now that it has settled a dispute with Intertrust Technologies. The company filed a case claiming that nearly every product Apple made infringed on 15 of its security and digital rights management-related patents.

Intertrust filed its lawsuit against Apple in California in March 2013. At the time, the company said, "Our patents are foundational to modern Internet security and trusted computing, and result from years of internal research and development."

The company was targeting the iPhone and iPad, Mac computers, Apple TV, iTunes, iCloud, and the App Store in its lawsuit.

Sony and Phillips own a 49.5 percent stake in Intertrust and both have licensing deals in place with the company. Intertrust has also licensed its patents to Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, Sharp, Motorola, Adobe, and Microsoft.

Terms of Apple's settlement with Intertrust haven't been revealed, according to Reuters.

Intertrust describes itself as a company that "invents, develops, and delivers technologies for enabling digital trust over the Internet." In other words, the company says it develops products, and isn't just another organization looking to make money only by licensing its patent portfolio.

Apple hasn't commented on the lawsuit.

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Considering how much of Apple's product line was named in the Intertrust Technologies lawsuit, it could've been devastating if the company had managed to win at trial and score an injunction blocking the sale of infringing products. It wouldn't have been likely that the court would've allowed nearly everything Apple makes to be pulled from the market, but settling now instead of going to trial no doubt saved Apple a lot of time and money.

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