Apple Shows Off iPhone 5 Noise Canceling, More in New Ads

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Apple aired two new commercials Tuesday evening that show off the iPhone 5's noise canceling feature and also highlighted photo sharing. The new ads follow the same narrative style Apple used in its "Cheese" ad showing off iOS 6's panorama photo feature.

Apple gets into the holiday spirit with Apple gets into the holiday spirit with "Turkey" iPhone 5 commercial

"Orchestra" demonstrates how the iPhone 5's built-in microphones help cut down the noise around you so calls are clearer. Thankfully is doesn't show someone actually taking phone calls during a concert.

"Turkey" shows how families and friends can share photos easily from holiday events, in this case the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.

Both can be seen at the Apple website, and are airing on television now.

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Apple doesn't focus on hardware specs to sell their products. They make their devices personal on a level that their competitors just can't seem to match.

It's no surprise that Apple sells out preorders and gets launch day lines for iPhone and iPad launches. The company has taken its message beyond gigahertz and megapixels to an emotional desire. I already have an iPhone 5 but "Cheese" and "Thanksgiving" make me want to go buy another.



Congrats Apple. You show off “cheese” while Google shows off their Photo Sphere after panorama features over a year ago.  And noise canceling microphones have been out forever. I know my OG Droid had it in 2009 and I think my LG Dare before that had it too. And theirs works well while Apple’s supposedly is really bad, I’ve heard if you even take the phone away from your head to look at the screen it cancels your own voice out.

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