Apple Signs On for New World Trade Center Store

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When the new World Trade Center mall in New York City opens in 2015, it's going to be a who's who of big name retailers, and Apple is on that list. The mall will cover 365,000 square feet, although its striking design has left some companies complaining about storefront layouts.

The new World Trade Center mall, scheduled to open in 2015The new World Trade Center mall, scheduled to open in 2015

The multi-level mall design includes rib-like structures that transition from exterior to interior design elements and intersect many store fronts. Apple pushed for a design variance so it could use its traditional all glass design, although the company's request was denied, according to The Real Deal.

Apple will be on the below ground level of the mall, along with Disney, LEGO, Swarovski, Michael Kors, Bebe, and more. The street level will include Moleskin, Bose, Bobbi Brown, and several other big name retailers.

About 60 retailers have either signed leases or are in late stage negotiations with Westfield Group, which is the company that owns the mall project. There are still vacant retail spaces in the mall, and the company is working to fill those before the 2015 opening.

Along with the rib-like columns, Westfield is dealing with complaints that most of the retail space is underground, and concerns about build-out costs for store owners. With more than a year left before the mall plans to open, however, there's a good chance Westfield will fill its remaining spaces.

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It looks like Westfield Group is pushing to make the World Trade Center mall a collection of flagship stores that anywhere else would be anchor stores on their own. Considering the architectural limitations the mall's design puts on retailers, it'll be interesting to see what Apple can do to keep its iconic retail look.

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It looks oddly like Apple’s Fifth Avenue glass cube is part of the design, yet a quick swing through Google couldn’t find another image that showed the cube. Anyone have any idea what the cube is all about? It even has the same three-panels-to-a-aide as Apple’s.


“The street level will include Moleskin, Bose, Bobbi Brown”


If Apple wants to be here, I would consider a street-level presence to be a must.  Anywhere else just feels also-ran.


The lower level should be more accessible from the subway, so in this case, “street level” is relative. Also, Apple’s Grand Central Station is well above street level, and it certainly doesn’t seem to have hurt their traffic.

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