Apple Spring Media Event Coming the Week of March 21

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Apple's rumored March iPad and iPhone media event is reportedly happening the week of the 21st, and not on March 15th. The earlier date had been floated around previously, but now it seems those sources were off by a week.

iPad and iPhone media event coming in MarchiPad and iPhone media event coming in March

Apple is expected to introduce an updated 9.7-inch iPad model, a 4-inch iPhone, and minor updates for the Apple Watch.

The iPad Air missed out on a refresh last fall when Apple introduced the iPad Pro and updated the iPad mini, leaving users wondering what the company had in store for its 9.7-inch model. Rumors claim the updated model will be essentially an iPad Pro with a 9.7-inch display, and will include Apple Pencil support.

The rumored 4-inch iPhone is expected to make an appearance at the event, too. Apple made the move to larger displays with the iPhone 6 and iPhone6 Plus, and without any refreshes for its smaller display models it looked as if its days were numbered. Assuming the latest rumores are correct, however, it seems the 4-inch screen isn't going away yet.

Apple will also use the event to show off minor enhancements to the Apple Watch product line, which will likely include new band options.

Media invitations haven't gone out yet, and Apple isn't talking about the event yet. Until those happen, we won't have any official confirmation for the event or when it's really happening.

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Apple hasn't said anything about a spring media event, but the timing seems right. If the reports are correct, everyone holding out for an iPad Air-size iPad Pro will be very happy.

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Lee Dronick

It will be interesting to see if they introduce a smaller iPhone, I find my 6S a little to large.


Yes. I would consider going back to the smaller iPhone if it isn’t nerfed on specs.

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