Apple Squashes 2 Bugs with iTunes 11.0.4 for Mac & Windows 64-Bit

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iTunesApple released iTunes 11.0.4 for both OS X and 64-bit versions of Windows (Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8) on Wednesday. The update includes two bug fixes.

Apple's patch notes:

This update fixes a problem that may cause iTunes to quit if you switch between wired and wireless syncing and addresses an issue that may require you to log into the iTunes Store repeatedly.

The patch is a 43.2MB download through the Mac App Store, and is available now. Apple's Downloads site hasn't yet listed the updates, and iTunes download for the Mac and Windows versions are showing version 11.0.3 as of this writing.

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howdy y’all,

while i know the apple docs demonstrate ... inattention, there is no reason for YOU do do the same. [*grin*]

it is not for “windows 64”. it’s for the 64 bit versions of windows vista, 7, & 8.

take care,

Bryan Chaffin

Thanks for the note, Lee. I knew Apple had the wrong label, but I must have gone on autopilot. I’ve corrected the article. smile Thanks for taking the time to let us know!


howdy Bryan Chaffin,

kool! [*grin*] i figured it was an oversight ... glad ya got it fixed so quickly.

take care,

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